OXCRETE, Oxfordshire’s Number One Volumetric Concrete Supplier.

C&G Concrete Pumping

At C&G Concrete Pumping we would always recommend Oxcrete as our preferred supplier of Concrete in Oxfordshire.

What Is Volumetric Concrete?

Volumetric concrete is mixed using a Volumetric Truck, the more technical term is a Mobile Batching Plant. Using a Volumetric concrete mixer means that we are able to transport the materials in dry form and mix them on-site. This process enables us to make a precise concrete mix and we are also able to adjust the mix on site.

We pride ourselves on offering a 5 star service at competitive price. So if you need Volumetric concrete in Oxfordshire Berkshire & Wiltshire, that’s mixed by the best, For Concrete with or without Concrete pump Service Please call Ben or Ross on 01865 655662