Our service specialises in pumping concrete into spaces where access is tight or otherwise tricky and it is logistically difficult to bring concrete in by wheelbarrow. We can do this because our mobile concrete line pumps are the smallest in the country allowing us to reach many sites that might be inaccessible to other companies. We can set up a pump anywhere that pipes can be placed and mini mix/volumetric concrete lorries can access.

We can pump many types of concrete including lightweight or foamed concrete, fluid concrete, fibre concrete or self compacting concrete. We can also pump liquid floor screeds which can be supplied and laid as a complete package by our sister company C&G Liquid Screed Ltd.

Using our pipelines we can pump up to 200m horizontally and 100m vertically. This flexibility allows us to pump concrete cleanly and conveniently almost anywhere it is needed. We can pour directly into your foundations, your slab, driveway, new swimming pool, garage floor or fishpond. Our service can drastically reduce the labour costs and concrete companies waiting time charges which could ultimately save you time and money. The risk of spills is minimised in what can sometimes be a messy process.

So if access at your job is causing a logistical headache, or if you need concrete in but mess kept out, our concrete pumping service could be the right solution for your project. Also, with our competitive prices and pumping service able to move more concrete per hour than any other method, it’s cost effective too.

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