Liquid Screed

Our screeding department is growing rapidly due to the increase in under floor heating in many new projects, this is because there are numerous benefits to using the fluid screed as opposed to traditional sand and cement materials.

To list but a few benefits:

  • 100m2 laid in under 45 minutes
  • Less mess than traditional screed
  • Perfect level floors easily accomplished
  • Better thermal conductivity
  • Awkward restricted access no problem
  • No impact damages
    i.e. damaged door frames or damaged pipes while tipping dry screed by barrow
  • No shrinking, curling or cracking

From experience we have found that most customers never tend to return to using traditional methods once they have used liquid screeds and realised the benefits.

For more information visit our sister website C&G Flow Screeds or contact Paul on 07766 503 595.