Before We Arrive

Before You Call for a Quote

  • Please measure the distance you will be pumping the concrete from where the pump is parked to the furthest point
  • Have an idea of how much concrete you will be pumping
  • Inform us of your concrete supplier if you have decided who you are using

Before We Arrive

For us to work at our best we ask customers to take a few simple measures to make sure they are ready for us.

Please inform us of site conditions.

Please ensure all precautions and preventative measures are taken prior to our arrival to protect surrounding areas for any potential occurrences. For example ground protection, if on expensive finishing’s also finished walls and windows should be covered in case of splashes.

We endeavor to uphold and comply with health and safety regulations. Please ensure all possible measures are taken to provide a safe working environment for our operators, your contractors and the general public.

If you have any queries please contact us for advice.

Line Pump

Please note you are required to provide a bag or two of cement (depending on how long the pipeline is), a couple of metres square of polythene (to ensure there are no spillages on clean ground at the back of the pump) and a wheelbarrow (to wash out in).

Boom Pump

Please ensure a suitable hard standing is available to set the pump up on away from overhead cables, two bags of cement are provided to grout the pump and there is a suitable area to wash out in.

Thank you for planning ahead to make sure you get the most from our service.

Please note C&G Concrete Pumping are not liable for any costs incurred for concrete arriving on site before the concrete pump arrives.